Graphic design and logo company in Barcelona

In our graphic and creative design studio we offer our clients different graphic, advertising, original and innovative solutions that make a difference.

We work with clients from different sectors, nationally and internationally, in different areas: catalogue design, pdfs, dossiers, logos, corporate identity manuals, illustration and anything else you may need.

Logo graphic design should focus on delivering a unique visual experience that transcends branding.

Graphic design for companies and startups

Graphic design must convey the message through the image by strategically combining different elements.

Any brand should have a graphic design that represents its values and philosophy, and that is aligned with its brand image.

At Branding Little Brands we work with companies and startups creating designs for different media.

Graphic design studio

Graphic design is responsible for presenting a brand’s products or services to potential customers.

It must do so in a creative and original way in order to impact consumers and influence their purchasing decision. In addition, it intervenes in the way consumers perceive the value of the product or service.

As a graphic design studio, we develop unique and original ideas for each client.

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Logo design for companies

The logo is a key aspect of brand promotion.

It is very important to create one that faithfully represents the brand and its values, but also has a series of qualities:

Keep it simple, because less is more. A complicated and complicated logo can generate doubts in the final consumer if he/she does not understand it.

It should be appropriate and use icons or symbols identifiable with your product or service.

Easy to remember, to generate greater brand recall.

Versatile, so that it can be adapted to different formats.

Make it unique, to differentiate it from the competition.

At Branding Little Brands we design logos with heart, soul and a strategic mind.


Logo design agency

We are a logo design agency that focuses on the aspects that make the brand different. In this way, we achieve a unique differentiation that allows us to create logos that make you fall in love and transmit the values of the brand.

We work with our own method that has allowed us to design successful logos for all types of companies.

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Branding Little Brands is a creative studio located in Barcelona that creates and develops strategic, authentic, and memorable brands for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small and medium-sized businesses with a business project at a neighborhood, local, national, or international level.



  • Naming and copywriting
  • Product/industrial and packaging design
  • Illustration
  • 3D and Motion graphics
  • Printing
  • Product and lifestyle photography
  • Web design and development
  • SEO and SEM / Digital Marketing
  • Corporate attire
  • Lettering
  • Corporate interior design / Retail design
  • Corporate digital events
  • Design of stands and exhibitors
  • Trademark registration

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