About me

I grew up surrounded by creativity and I am passionate regarding strategy.

These are the two secrets of my studio, do you want to know how I can make them available to your brand?


About me

I grew up surrounded by creativity and I am passionate regarding strategy.

These are the two secrets of my studio, do you want to know how I can make them available to your brand?

Whatever your project, I am always ready to realize the ideas you have in mind.
Do you have the courage to do it?

Hi, I’m Eleonora Majorana and I’m here to help you stand out.

Because your business is important to you. And as soon as we start working together, it will be important to me too.

In Branding Little Brands I combine my two talents, creativity and strategy, to work on visual identities that stand out from the competition.

Brands that speak of the effort behind each project, of the sacrifice of building it from scratch or of the work to renew a company of several generations.

I have helped more than 200 entrepreneurs engaged in their activities and who have understood that the brand is a precious factor and the most important asset to take care of.

Branding (concept and logo)

Re-branding (updating or strategic rethinking of the logo)

Development of pieces of communication (all points of contact of your image with the public)

Packaging design (creation of packaging, labels, packs, customization of shipping boxes, etc. for your products)

Me in Sicily in 1986, the child in my own logo.

Why am I passionate about my job?

I was born in Sicily and grew up in my mother’s painting studio

There was always room for my creativity. I used to draw sitting on the floor or on the walls of the house (in fact the Branding Little Brands logo represents this memory).

Each place was good for illustrating my fairy and hill stories, creating my refuge. I remember having breakfast and being fascinated by the Nestlé logo on my chocolate. I was amazed that such a small element could tell such a clear story. Growing up, I took my mechanical pencil with me to all the countries I lived in: the United States, France, Mexico, Costa Rica and Spain.

I believe that the use of the pencil is necessary to convey the essence. For me, creativity is innate and I believe it is something that is experienced from birth. It is this creative sensitivity that allows us to see the world in a different and spontaneous way. And I would like your customers to see you in a TOTALLY NEW way and not forget you.


Why do I love helping entrepreneurs and SMEs in their business projects?

After many enriching experiences around the world in terms of training and work, I decided to return to Barcelona and create Branding Little Brands. My studio has shaped my dream of continuing to work as a freelance Graphic Designer in total autonomy and at the same time being able to help other entrepreneurs like me to create distinctive brands that bring economic results.

I admire entrepreneurs who appreciate and believe in the incredible opportunity that design can offer. I am ready to turn your dream idea into a brand you can identify with and proudly display on the market.

I have worked for brands in the following sectors: food, nutrition, gastronomy, catering, wines and sommeliers, tourism, hotels, art, dance, sport, fashion, communication, printing, photography, translation, IT, web, cleaning, coworking, associations, NGO, construction, engineering, interior design, lighting, health, wellness, beauty, hairdressing, esoteric, erotic, export, education, legal, coaching, NGO, wedding planner, floral, private transport, taxi, electric cars.

Dare to evolve and leave your competitors in their comfort zone

Many designers say they draw energy from coffee. I get it from pizza, which seems to me to be the ideal food at all times. I am Italian, what can I say?

Sometimes I want to give up everything to rescue endangered wild animals, but then I remember how much I love branding.

I like studying business strategy. I have different marketing experiences and am always looking for new methods to apply. I know that the combination of creativity and strategy works best for my clients.

Besides branding, I love the business world. I have another start-up in the tourism sector and an independent clothing brand about to launch called The Rebel Island.

Me up close

Agencia de branding en Barcelona

I speak 5 languages: Spanish, Catalan, Italian, English and French. I love to laugh and joke in languages other than my native

I am passionate about working with entrepreneurs who are responsible for small brands and I also feel a great emotional connection to the worlds of gastronomy, food and sustainability. That is why I have two business lines specifically aimed at these sectors

I have a degree in Languages ​​and International Communication and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Design, specializing in Graphic Design at ELISAVA. Master in Branding and PackagingBAU and specialization in Business Strategy and Marketing.

Now I can’t wait to meet the brave entrepreneur behind your project. I carry out my work with passion, daily commitment and a good dose of good taste. I believe in your dreams as if they were mine. I want to be by your side to design this new successful opportunity for you.

My clients tell what it’s like to work with me

We foud Eleonora by chance on internet looking for ideas for the name of our future food truck. After a disappointing experience with a local graphic designer, we decided to work with her. At first it seemed like a challenge, because it meant working online, but everything went perfectly. She has been very professional, the communication has been fluid and she, being Sicilian, has developed a brand for our arancini food truck and we are so happy and she has even exceeded our expectations! We keep receiving compliments from our clients and colleagues. Thank you, Eleonora!
Arancino · Domenico Dell'Acqua, Luxemburgo
Arancino · Domenico Dell'Acqua, Luxemburgo

“Hemos trabajado con Branding Little Brands en un proyecto en el que el cliente necesitaba especial notoriedad en su marca. Lo que nos encantó del proceso creativo con Eleonora es que no deja nada al azar, todo tiene un sentido y un objetivo. Hizo partícipe al cliente de la información que dará su marca al público, generando mucha confianza en el trabajo realizado para llegar a ese resultado. ¡Volveremos a trabajar con Branding Little Brands en nuevos proyectos!”

Ferran Falguera · Doonamis, Barcelona
Ferran Falguera · Doonamis, Barcelona

“A través de un briefing profundo y un extenso trabajo, Eleonora de Branding Little Brands ha sido capaz de comprender y sintetizar las necesidades que teníamos para el logotipo y la identidad visual de nuestra asociación cultural y en un perfecto respeto de los plazos y la cotización predefinida. Nuestra colaboración fue muy agradable y nos sentimos encantados con el resultado que salió del proceso creativo”

Stephanie Torche · Traumdepot, Suiza
Stephanie Torche · Traumdepot, Suiza

“El nuevo rediseño, usando colores vivos y una imagen mexicana, ha logrado que los clientes aprecien lo fresco y natural de nuestros productos.”

Grosella · Antonette Gabelich Vega, Mexico
Grosella · Antonette Gabelich Vega, Mexico

I design your visual identity with the same dedication as you do.



Branding Little Brands is a creative studio located in Barcelona that creates and develops strategic, authentic, and memorable brands for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small and medium-sized businesses with a business project at a neighborhood, local, national, or international level.



  • Naming and copywriting
  • Product/industrial and packaging design
  • Illustration
  • 3D and Motion graphics
  • Printing
  • Product and lifestyle photography
  • Web design and development
  • SEO and SEM / Digital Marketing
  • Corporate attire
  • Lettering
  • Corporate interior design / Retail design
  • Corporate digital events
  • Design of stands and exhibitors
  • Trademark registration

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