Packaging design in Barcelona

Your product must stand out on the shelves of supermarkets and gourmet shops to attract your audience. The way you wrap your products is an essential part of your identity.

We will work to create a sensory experience that your customer will appreciate, remember and recommend.

Consistent branding is the best way to turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Personalised packaging

Personalised packaging will enhance your products by presenting them in professional packaging in line with your brand’s visual identity.

Brands have more and more options to personalise their packaging to the maximum, adapting it to the brand image. Focusing on personalised packaging makes the difference with the rest and is one of the best marketing strategies to differentiate ourselves and attract our potential customers.

It is important that it coherently transmits our brand values, so that the customer can clearly identify with them.

I will help you to create personalised packaging that transmits and excites.

Packaging and box designers

Packaging is the first thing we notice about the product at first glance, and it becomes a complement that in itself adds value to the purchase.

Packaging design is crucial in defining the visual identity of the brand and forms part of the company’s corporate strategy.

The packaging must not only capture the consumer’s attention, but also provide information about the content and reinforce the company’s corporate image, without losing sight of functionality.

At Branding Little Brands we design packaging and boxes for different brands. We take care of the whole process, from the conception of the idea to the achievement of the final result.


Packaging original

Creating original packaging is the first step to the success of a product.

The consumer’s first visual contact with a product’s packaging is essential to make a difference. And this is the challenge for brands today, who are looking for ways to offer packaging that is attractive, safe, functional and unmistakably associated with the brand’s values.

Creative packaging

Creative packaging will help you differentiate your product and add value.

Being creative is essential in today’s competitive marketplace. Through good packaging that is innovative and creative, and that responds to the needs and demands of consumers, brands can find the differentiation opportunity they are looking for.

I will help you create original packaging to differentiate you from the competition.


Packaging company in Barcelona

We are a packaging company in Barcelona, offering our services to SMEs and small companies. We believe that every brand should have packaging that is totally adapted to its needs and that faithfully transmits its values. At Branding Little Brands we will help you achieve this.

I will help you to create creative and functional packaging for your brand.


Branding Little Brands is a creative studio located in Barcelona that creates and develops strategic, authentic, and memorable brands for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small and medium-sized businesses with a business project at a neighborhood, local, national, or international level.



  • Naming and copywriting
  • Product/industrial and packaging design
  • Illustration
  • 3D and Motion graphics
  • Printing
  • Product and lifestyle photography
  • Web design and development
  • SEO and SEM / Digital Marketing
  • Corporate attire
  • Lettering
  • Corporate interior design / Retail design
  • Corporate digital events
  • Design of stands and exhibitors
  • Trademark registration

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